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Anyone here live in South Texas?

2010-05-27 23:42:07 by xXGuessWhatXx

Yo, it's Kevin Boone -- a.k.a. Guess What. I' m from South Texas; where techno is an endangered species. I'm starting to make my own music, and also trying to get the word out on how cool techno really is. I wanna have my own techno radio station one day, too. :P If y'all know anyone who lives around Corpus Christi, tell them to check out some of my music. I'll be uploading more songs soon enough. Tyvm. :D

(Also, btw, I never really spend more than a couple of hours of time working on any of my songs/loops. So, just in case you were wondering why it doesn't sound so great all the time, that's probably why.)


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